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20/02/19 - Forum Event! We've decided to host an event that will help the community get a head start on release! How Does It Work? 1. You have to Sign up to these forums. 2. You have to reply to this thread with "Joined". 3. pick the reward you choose.... See More

08/03/2019 - Hey Guys. It's been a while since I've made an update thread, Apologies for that. I was to eager to work on the server and get it closer for launch... See More

18/12/2018 - Fixed Slayer EXP. - Fixed multiple issue's with Duo slayer. - You can no longer prestige Combat skills, due to our EXP Rates being high. - Equipment interface updated, with a much more appealing look. - Gambling rules interface updated, with a much more appealing look. - Duo Slayer interface added. - Item hovers added... See More

11/02/2018 - Today I'll showcase some of venom's finest features we added during development. (This does not entail what we offer at venom, this merely a portion of the content and features venom has)... See More