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Open Beta will be released very soon! Please stay active on forums to view updates.
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Join a clan to sign up for BLOODLUST in order to fight for your lives and gain honor amongst the Venom community.
Venom has been created with a main purpose of entertaining the desires for a classic NR feel. The developers have done their best to replicate Near-Realitys most interesting and remembered moments into our project, to ensure that you get what was advertised for. The staff team at Venom is very knowledgeable/professional/fun when necessary, but the main focus for them is caring about what YOU want. Feel free to ALWAYS ask a staff member for assistance if you ever need it, as that is their job and will never say no. We are poll-friendly which means, YOU get to vote on the content that you want to be added, and get to decide the future of Venom. Good luck and happy hunting.
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