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Frequently Asked Questions

  • [Q] Is this an RSPS?
  • [A] Yes. This is an Old-School Economy based server that is heavily built on the player-killing system as well. Ultimately, this is a Near-Reality remake. We have tons of things to offer for PVM, Skillers, and Player Killers alike. Enjoy your stay!

  • [Q] Is there a way to obtain my Veteran rank?
  • [A] The veteran rank is available for those who have been stuck by us through the toughest times, those who never gave up on us. If that's not the case then you are not worthy enough to wield the Veteran role.

  • [Q] Can I apply for staff on Venom?
  • [A] Absolutely! You can place an application by clicking Apply Here. Please know that you MUST meet all of the requirements to be accepted onto Venom's staff team. Good luck!

  • [Q] What do I need to do if I feel like a staff member is abusing their powers on me or someone I know?
  • [A] Please note that the management team at Venom will never approve of any staff member abusing their powers in order to gain an advantage over another player, to spite them, or harm them without liable reason in any way. If you truly believe that you or someone you know is being abused, please fill out a Report Form

  • [Q] How long was Venom in development?
  • [A] Venom has been in development for over over four months in order to perfect everything for the community. If you come across any bugs, please report them on the forums accordingly.

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